What is Sermorelin?


What is Sermorelin?

First developed in the 1970s, Sermorelin is relatively a small peptide which contains 29 amino acids. This is all that is necessary to encourage the pituitary gland to increase its production of life-restoring Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

In compounding Sermorelin for injection, it is combined with GHRP-6, a growth hormone releasing peptide. Let’s take a closer look at HGH itself. HGH is secreted every night while we sleep by the pituitary gland. HGH controls the reproduction and growth of the cells and each of the organs in the body. Our body’s natural HGH production is most active during childhood when the growth rate is at highest level, and HGH peaks at around age 20.

By age 30, we are experiencing a 14% reduction in HGH production for every decade of life. By the time we are in our 40s, the production of HGH is only about 40% of what it was at age 20. Fortunately, we can stimulate the sleepy pituitary gland to begin production of HGH once again, even once this dramatic decline in HGH production has occurred, by using a Growth Hormone Releasing Factor (GHRF).

Tell me what is Sermorelin GHRP-6

In order to provide the greatest benefit from naturally secreted HGH, we compound Sermorelin with GHRP-6 (Growth Hormone Releasing Hexipeptide). In addition to the positive functions of Sermorelin outlined above, GHRP-6 is a secretagogue (which means that it causes another substance to be secreted in the body) which also encourages the pituitary gland to secrete HGH. GHRP-6 also acts on the hypothalamus to cause the HGH to be secreted in natural waves just like it was when your body produced it naturally in abundant quantities.

Combined Treatment

The goal is to utilize the most effective program to quickly reverse the symptoms of aging. Using a combination of Sermorelin and HGH, you will have an immediate relief of the symptoms of low HGH levels, such as reduced sex drive, decreased energy, increased body fat, decreased mental alertness, wrinkling, and weakened immune system, from the injectable HGH therapy.

What does Sermorelin cost?

In order to determine the cost of the best program of Sermorelin GHRP-6 and/or HGH Injections for you, it will be necessary for our local doctors to evaluate your particular situation. Our local doctors who prescribe Sermorelin injections will evaluate your blood test, physical exam, and medical history report, and prescribe your dosage protocol for Sermorelin GHRP-6 and HGH. Bear in mind that in determining “What does Sermorelin cost?” that Injectable Sermorelin treatment is an investment in your health and overall well-being, your longevity and productivity.


Sermorelin Dosage Protocol

Our local doctors who prescribe injectable Sermorelin GHRP-6 therapy will determine the dosage in a different manner than with bioidentical HGH therapy. Your dosage of bioidentical HGH therapy is determined by your current level of HGH in your body (as determined by a laboratory blood test), your body weight, any symptoms you are currently experiencing and your age. In contrast, Sermorelin GHRP-6 dosage is determined based on brain size. We know that sounds funny, but essentially the dosage is the same for most adults, whether male or female, and our local doctors find that the most common dosage of 200 mcg is sufficient.

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